Unsolicited Parenting Advice? Share Your Story!

Hello All!

I recently interviewed with freelance writer, Jennifer King Lindley, for an article on confidence that will appear in the May issue of Redbook magazine. Jennifer is looking to include some real-life examples from moms in her article. If you’re interested in seeing your name in print, see her request below:

Unsolicited Parenting Advice–Share Your Experience! 

Has unsolicited parenting advice or criticism–from your in-laws, your friends, the know it all lady in the supermarket aisle–ever made you feel less confident in your parenting? A freelance writer is working on a piece for an upcoming print issue of Redbook and is looking for a mom to quote about her experience. The piece will then be offering advice for weathering such critiques to help other moms in those situations.

We could “talk” briefly through phone or email exchange some time in the next week. You would be quoted by name. It doesn’t have to be soul baring–a rueful anecdote about how someone gave a mom the sideeye at the park because her kid was drinking a soda and it made them feel like a bad mom is fine.  Thanks so much!  Jennifer King Lindley jenniferkinglindley.com jenking1@sbcglobal.net


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